Monday, 13 February 2017

Paklenica guidebook - corrections

cover: on the map of Klanci A,  numbers 24 and 25
need to be mutually replaced
page 52: route nr.5 correct name Preserska naveza
page 54: route USB , correct grade is 7a+
page 80: Balkanac is 7c+
page 82: Fiftač is 23m
page 100: Babin zub is 8a+
                route nr. 19 is Didova ćela : 8a
page 161: route Nostalgija - pitches: 4a,4a,6a,6a,6a+,6a,6b,5a
page 192: route nr.1 FA ( S.Kragelj,P.Planina)
page 228: route Zimski cvijet, second pitch on topo is 5c
page 244: route nr. 2, correct name is Flex & Rex

page30: route is USB 7a+
page 49: route is Copacabana 8a+
page 50: route is Pusi
page58: grade is 7c+
page 93: route is Ječmenac 7b+
page 161: route is Welcome

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